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Webshakers Launches Digishakers, a New Fan Site - San Jose, Calif., June 4, 2001

Webshakers Completes Design for Playlater, a Shockwave Portal Site - San Jose, Calif., October 16, 2000

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Quick Draw Poker
Shockwave version of the one found off of


Pick 3 Cards
A game that we made up, where you construct your poker hand by picking 3 cards (one at a time, from selection of 2 cards, a known card and an unknown card.)

3 Card Poker!


Arcade Soccer
Still in Alpha/Beta development. Currently developing for EA Sports (Electronic Arts)

Jigsaw Puzzle
Developed for PeopleSpace


Memory Teaser

Trivia Game
In the style of Trivial Pursuit


Slider Puzzle

Basic Breakout
Unlimited lives at the moment (work in progress)


Digimon Rescue

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