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Webshakers Launches Digishakers, a New Fan Site - San Jose, Calif., June 4, 2001

Webshakers Completes Design for Playlater, a Shockwave Portal Site - San Jose, Calif., October 16, 2000

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About Webshakers
The Internet has always been about innovation and exciting opportunities. For years websites have been launched with volumes of content and new tools. However, properly utilizing multimedia to inform and entertain was a skill that many web development firms were not able to grasp.

In 1997, Founder Ronald Trang set out to create a different kind of development firm. It was a development firm that could take advantage of the new opportunities and nascent technologies. He pulled together a team of diverse individuals to create Webshakers, one of the first web development firms to focus solely on multimedia development.

Since then, much has changed. In 1999, Webshakers merged with New Age Web Services, combining a development firm with web hosting operations. The addition of new minds, new technologies and new possibilities has helped Webshakers to change - to evolve - and become a leader in on-line entertainment.

Bringing Entertainment to All
First and foremost, Webshakers is about entertainment. Talented artists, programmers, writers and other individuals from all walks of life have pooled their skills to create websites that are fun and amazing. The Internet can be used to inform and entertain. Sacrifices do not need to made for the sake of quality or brevity. It takes a team of special people to realize this and make mercury visions become reality.

A New Threshold for Quality
There are far too many websites with static content and just as many sites with poorly implemented interactive elements. Webshakers is all about dynamics and quality. It is the sign of a poor craftsman to use an exotic element simply because it is there. Webshakers does the job with what is needed and produces content that exceeds the client's expectations.

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